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zorrin, January 24th, 2017, 11:27 pm ( Reply )

we're back!!
six page update starts here!

hey so sorry it's been so long! I've been super busy this past year (don't leave in a december and come back in a january, it makes it look way longer than it is) and now that my life is finally starting to settle down again I've got time for spectra again!

the first thing you may notice is the patreon buttons all over the site, and here's the deal with that: I usually do batch updates for this comic because I feel it's a better reading style BUT since it can take me a while to be able to get from start to finish on an update in an around my other projects I felt like I needed a more continuously streaming content style. from now on if you donate to my patreon for literally any amount per month you'll get full access to spectra pages as I finish them. they'll be posted directly to smackjeeves so if you're logged in you can see them on this site, or you can go to my patreon page directly to view them as well as lineart versions of the pages if you want to see them even earlier. help me help you to read my comic!

also on my patreon is sneak peaks of other projects I'm working on becaauuusse..I'm the primary artist for CAE studio's Wrong Way: An American Punk Story! the first issue of that is up on comixology if you want to give it a look, it's a crime-y slice of life comic with a stong punk rock flavoring. exciting stuff!

aaand as a final wrap-up, for those of you that prefer to use tapastic to keep track of your webcomics, spectra now has one of those!I'm super excited to share with you guys all the stuff I have planned!

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