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Hiatus Over!

I’m going to be trying to squeeze more spectra updates out in between other projects since I don’t really take commissions anymore, and in light of that I’ve put the comic on tapastic!

it’s set to post the entirety of the comic so far through until the end of january, (hopefully) culminating in some new pages. I can't promise a lot of activity since I'm also really busy with drawing Wrong Way: An American Punk Story and various other personal comics but I am gonna try and make it work. I still have a lot of things in store for you guys with this comic!

posted by zorrin on December 25th, 2016, 4:04 pm   ||   0 comments

Worldbuilding Post

I figure I might as well go over some of the cultural particuliarities of this culture that I might not ever get to addressing outright in the comic itself as long as I have a minute to.

These people have a social structure largely based around insular clannish villages, with contact between villages being maintained through trade. Marriage between villages isn't a thing because marriage itself isn't really a thing. All reproduction is done communally for the sole purpose of begetting more children and not much emphasis is placed on it culturally aside from the societal pressure to keep yourself healthy enough to breed.

That being said, relationships between two or more people of a closeness that could be likened to romantic are not uncommon, they just don't have anything to do with reproduction.

They only have one physical sex but they have three socially enforced genders (or four if you count young children, who are seen as genderless until they choose their role in society.) For simplification reasons, in the comic the three main ones are referred to as he, she, and ne. The "male" role is that of destruction, the "female" is that of creation, and the third gender is that of preservation. These don't have much bearing on what career they can hold, so much as the way they are seen while they do it. For example, a teacher going by "he" would be seen as defeating the ignorance that is holding back his students, a she teacher would be creating an opportunity for them to succeed, and a ne teacher would be preserving the cultural tradition of learning. Which gender is seen as most desirable at any given time (and is consequently most exalted) is constantly in flux depending on the social climate at the time.

While the stance of gender in society is fairly fluid, the role of hatchdate in determining a person's social standing is much more rigid. Eggs are kept in a brood hut until they hatch, at which point the young are taken in by the community caretakers and raised all together. How long an egg takes to hatch varies greatly however, and some don't hatch at all. Because of this, generally the kids that hatch first get the largest percentage of the resources and one-on-one time with the higher class members of society, which gives them a life-long leg up when it comes to social standing in their village.

And that's all I got to say at the moment rock on. I didn't proofread this in the slightest so if you want to ask questions about anything feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment

posted by zorrin on March 22nd, 2013, 9:03 pm   ||   0 comments

page tweak

I edited the last panel of page five to read less awkwardly if anyone cares lmao

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Update Schedule!

In short: there isn't one! It will update pretty much as a get the pages done with no set update dates, because I'll be drawing several at a time and posting them as sets. This way you always come away from the comic with a complete thought, even if it does mean irregular scheduling.

I thank you for your patience ahead of time and hope I can make reading this worth your while.

posted by zorrin on March 7th, 2013, 3:00 pm   ||   0 comments